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Recognizing the need of providing quality education to the students of the backward region, the Centre for Education was established in 2013 with a mission to enable young aspirants to meet the needs and demands of present technological and scientific era. The centre endeavours to achieve excellence by facilitating quality based education and research for students and enabling them to acquire the skills that are required in the present period of globalization. It aims to provide a deep insight of life skills to address the global needs of the 21st century. The centre is committed to provide innovative methods of teaching and research. The centre is in the process of expansion with more teaching and research programmes coming up in the future. Centre for Education was established in 2013.


  1. Dr. S.K Bawa Professor and Coordinator
  2. Dr. Shamshir Singh Dhillon  Assistant Professor
  3. Dr. Jubilee Padmanabhan  Assistant Professor
  4. Dr. Sesadeba Pany  Assistant Professor
  5. Dr. Biswajit Behera, Assistant Professor
  6. Dr. Rajesh Kumar  Assistant Professor
  7. Dr. Shiva Shukla, Assistant Professor


  1. To prepare teacher educators with diversified knowledge in the field of education
  2. To produce professionally groomed teachers with high teaching potential.
  3. To develop aptitude for research to be able to solve educational and behavioral problems
  4. To make the students adaptable globally in academic and vocational environment

Programmes Offered by the Centre

  1. M.Ed. (M.Ed. Recognition Order:Click here)
    • 40% skill based courses
    • 7% courses have field experience
    • 19% courses are practical oriented
  2. MA Education
    • focus more on theoretical orientation to have a strong base of concepts and theories
  3. Ph.D. Education
    • admit only JRF/RGNF/CUPBF candidates
    • Thematic paper provides practical orientation of research area

Interdisciplinary courses in curriculum- course on teaching proficiency, assessment of Learning & understanding human behaviour are offered to students of other centres



  1. MA Education
  2. M.Ed
  3. Ph.D


  1. MA Education
  2. M.Ed
  3. Ph.D

Research Thrust Areas

  1. Women Education- convicted women. Emotional and economic violence among women, women retirees
  2. Mathematics Education – mathematical skill, aptitude, teaching through art, vedic tech, and mutimedia
  3. Science education - constructivist approach in science and prepared lesson plans for NCERT
  4. Assessment for Learning- Development of rubrics, portfolios, blended learning
  5. Environment Education – Integrated approach to education for sustainable development
  6. Teacher Education – tool development on teaching aptitude
  7. Creativity – development of lesson plans for creative teaching

Programme Wise Student Teacher Ratio

Programme No. of Students TeachersRatio
Ph.D. + M.Ed+ M.A 6+22+941:9

Pedagogy of different courses

  • DialogueE team teaching
  • Group discussions
  • Activity based teaching
  • Assignments
  • Field visits
  • Innovative classroom assessment techniques
  • Presentations
  • M teaching
  • Cooperative and collaborative learning
  • Role play
  • Demonstration
  • Video conferencing
  • Simulated teaching

Student enrichment programmes

A list of participatory learning activities adopted by the Centre and those which contribute to self management of knowledge and skill development by students
  1. Organization of various seminars/ conferences and expert lectures in the Centre
  2. Visits planned to NCERT, NUEPA, JNU, IGNOU and other such organizations
  3. Virtual sessions
  4. Case studies
  5. Simulated teaching
  6. Training in use of smart board
  7. Special course attended by students on communication and improving soft skills

Beyond syllabus scholarly activities

  1. Dr. Rajesh Gill, Professor Punjab University was invited for extension lecture on Gender sensitivity
  2. Dr. Arbind Kumar Jha, Professor MG International Hindi University; Wardha visited the Centre for extension lectures on Pedagogical Spacing: Probing practices.
  3. Dr. Jayanti Dutta, Deputy Director, Academic Staff College Panjab University Chandigarh delivered a lecture on How We Teach and how we should teach on 10.6.2015
  4. Dr. Agyajit Singh former Head of the Deptt. of Psychology delivered a lecture on Emotional Intelligence on 31 Aug, 2015
  5. Dr. Seema Chopra Delivered lecture on Stress management on 17th Nov.2015
  6. Prof. Vidhu Mohan, Former head Deptt. Of Psychology, Punjab University delivered lecture on Coping with Sexual Harassment on 28th Jan, 2016.
  7. Prof. Vidhu Mohan, Former head Deptt. Of Psychology, Punjab University delivered lecture on Application of Counselling on 29th Jan, 2016.

Virtual Sessions

  • Prof. B K Passi conducted virtual session on Futuristic Education
  • Prof. J K Dhillon from the University of Worcester, UK,  deliberated upon publishing research papers in international journals.


  • ICSSR sponsored national conference on Education for sustainable development was organised on 4-5 Feb, 2016


  • ICSSR sponsored Seminar on Gender and sustainability was organised on 21-22 March, 2016


  • ICSSR sponsored national workshop on Research Methodology for research Scholars was organized from 1March to 11 March, 2016

Strenghts of the Centre

  • Well qualified faculty devoted to teaching and research in the traditional core areas as well as the newly emerging and challenging areas.
  • Good academic resources with well-equipped central library having large collection of books, database and online journals.
  • Updated and comprehensive curriculum with contemporary issues and meeting global standards as well as the needs of the society.
  • Faculty equipped with latest teaching technology


  • ICT Resource Centre
  • Smart Board
  • Video conferencing equipment
  • Motorized projector Screen
  • LED TV
  • 3 LCD Projector
  • 25 Computers